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APC's are sanforized so you don't need to soak them before you wear them. Doesn't look like you lost too much dye from the soak, you're fine
what is the problem?
just posting to see what kind of member i am :O HF Member i guess
Quote: Originally Posted by avanti Huh. The water usually turns yellow with some tiny weird bubbles floating when I soak. Can anyone tell me what it is? lol. It does clean it, albeit not as well as washing it would do. the color that comes out is all shit that has built up / indigo bleeding out.
damn, i'm almost afraid to post another picture here :X haha jk
socks that are NOT cotton would probably be better as they will not hold the moisture as much
in CA i always thought you could only get unemployment if you were LAID off and not fired
haven't posted here for awhile, but i'm about to go to class giants hat tshirt zaf796 rainbows
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