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Damn. I like the wash. I like the back pockets. I like the cut. I want those. Slimmys are cheapish compared to other cuts and stuff. =/ So I've noticed.
I have seen quite a few grey label SFAMs. They're common on the mercer wash (I'm not sure if women have that wash but men do) and with other darker washes. On my Standards in Finland, the tags are grey. I like the uniqueness of the grey tags; makes me different than all the cabernet colored tags. :] (or burgundy or red or whatever color you like to call it.)
Quote: Originally Posted by cupis I just sold this pair LOL And I just BOUGHT this pair haha. Great pair of jeans Ryan, btw. Love the feel and the wash. I wouldn't mind paying full retail for them but I was able to get them off him cheap. I love slim cut jeans as well as SFAM's standards. I have a pair of Bladerunners in Finland that are standard. You should check those out. I love them. Bootcut is aight with me too sometimes. I have a pair of...
I have the same pair of Floyd Oxycotins. Mine were a size 30 and fit PERFECTLY. I loved them to death. Had them hemmed though they were too long and then they fit perfectly. I love the Oxycotin wash and the pockets on that. Definitely one of my favorite pair of jeans along with my SFAM Bladerunners in Finland. BUT. Mine ripped. First on the left inner groin area near the crotch. Had that patched up and repaired, but then the right side ripped. So they're SOL...
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