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Yeah I didn't want to get them cause they were ugly too... At least make some fakes that are decent. Haha.
I did some more looking around and there are just a few other pairs of jeans that popup with both Theory and SFAM. But I guess not many people like the blank back pocket... We're all such brand whores. Hahahah.
nice suit man. that's a pretty sweet deal.
Good. That's what I thought; I just didn't want to be wrong and let a good deal pass me up. But in retrospect, I don't think I would've bought the jeans either way.
I'm well aware of the Theory brand, and of course SFAM. However, the seller claims that: "*A note on authenticity: These jeans are 100% authentic (guaranteed). Please look at my feedback. Photos are of actual item. NEW Theory / 7 For All Mankind skinny jeans for men. These jeans are a product of a collaboration of two well-known designers, Theory and 7 For All Mankind. The wash is a darker denim with subtle fading and unique texture detail located near the...
They're selling them for 40$+10$ shipping... Seems too good to be true.. But I wanted to check with you guys first.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRjeansROCK !! One of my friends at school has the Dusseldorf's and I asked where they got them, and they got them at Nordstroms.. I'd pay retail for those.. they're reeeealy nice. I started a whole thread as soon as i saw them lol. Have you seen any in a 31/32? Anywhere? Sorry for the double post... I remember seeing a user on eBay that had a few of them up one after the other in 32s, but I can't find them anymore....
I really want to see these in real life cause online pictures don't do any wash justice. I like the wash in the pictures on the Tobi.com website, but not on the SFAM website. I like the intense blue, and kind of the two-tone coloring... Hahaha. I guess I should invest in raw denim.
In my opinion, for the Flynts, I like the Foil Pockets in Dusseldorf. I really want a pair but can't find any for a decent price. And I wanna see them in real life lol. But they look nice; I've seen them online.
That's what they look like at the SFAM website. Here's a better link though (sorry, I have no idea how to post images from this website as I can't get the URL for them..) Seven 7 for all mankind Slimmy Skinny Leg Jeans in Worn Mercer - Free Shipping - Tobi Personally, I really love the dark color of the jeans and the intense blue. I really want a pair, but I don't see them anywhere besides online and I can't get a good deal for them! I have some Slimmys in Montana and...
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