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Thanks, braindead. I remember your post from AF; just thought I'd see what HF members say. Yeah I wouldn't want a bunch of nice jeans that all fit different. That would be too stressful. But thanks again for the advice, I'll keep it in mind.
Brad, I'll keep you in mind If they're a little on the big side but not overly so I'll probably just end up wearing a belt with them but in the case that they just fall off my waist I'll PM you and we can work things out
Mens Rock and Republic - Colburg - 32x34 - eBay (item 120396499881 end time Mar-28-09 15:28:55 PDT) I'm hoping they fit well. I've never had a pair of CBGB/Colburgs and I usually wear a 29 or 30, sometimes a 31 so I'm hoping these will be okay. I'm excited for these to come though; I need another pair of R&Rs!
Mmmm. I accidentally bought a pair of fake Diesels too before I knew about HF and AF so I feel ya. =/
Yeah I know what you mean^. When did you buy them and where?
Well hey. If you can't tell they're fake then you're good. Hahaha just kidding. I don't really care if others wear fakes I just hope they know about it. I personally don't like to wear fakes at all but whatever floats your boat!
About that picture up there... Oh God. I believe I just fainted. 87 PAIRS?! If I counted right. And doubles of a few pairs? I'm not good with spotting washes and backpockets but I see 2 Floyd Oxycotins. Love those. Mmmm. It would take you nearly three months just to start repeating pairs if you wore jeans everyday...
I guess eBay and MSN aren't losing enough money to cut their cashback service. But hey, it makes me happy!
Damn I love the wash on those man! I wish I had longer legs. I usually go for a 32" inseam but I'm pretty sure 30" or 31" fits better. Plus my legs are pretty huge from years of swimming and running when I was fat and building up muscle that I can't get rid of and then slimming down; my calves are grossly huge lol. The Ultimatum wash looks similar to Oxycotin but not as faded. The picture angle makes it look like you could be 8 feet tall though compared to the TV and such...
Hmm I'm not sure. But it sure looks damn nice..
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