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Sorry I only have stock photos for the before pictures. Before: They don't look really baggy here... but mine were super baggy. But not anymore! Yeah I haven't taken the tag off yet... And yes I'm wearing plaid socks.
Dang those look nice man! Congratulations.
ahahaha @ braindead. so VERY true. someone needz ban. forrealz. oh yeah levilad, NEWSFLASH. its tiny.
mods, ban 'em already!
^not appropriate. at all. nor is it related.
I thought I would start a new thread since this is a longish post with pictures as well. I finally managed to hem (with originals!) my new CBGBs in Talon. And! I turned my William Rast (I know wrong forum, but I have to explain why it took so long!) Billy Flare Flaps in Pluto from super baggy to slimfit/straight. And hemmed with originals. With both it was a total of 10.5 hours. Took me so long. I had to pull out the machine, and it took me about 2 hours to learn...
I hate you Antolette. Even though we don't know each other very well. I'm glad though because from what I've seen you contribute alot and are always there to offer a genuine opinion.
I got these in the mail today And unfortunately for Brad, they fit very well. They're not tight, but they're not loose in the waist either. I'm going to pull them out tomorrow and measure them because they feel exactly like my Floyds, even though they're two sizes larger.
In Washington state it's 8.9% but if I cross the Columbia River and go into Oregon, then it's tax free!
Quote: Originally Posted by denim_addict Hope they fit you....I like the Talon wash IRL. If they fit, post pics I like your optimism. I'll just wait and see how they fit. Because you don't really know until you get them!
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