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^whoa! the colburgs are nice.
I say vaughn. neil is more relaxed and will give you a more baggy fit than vaughn.
sounds like an affair with denim to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by mopritt What in the world are you talking about? I think I look like an absolute cow in the R&R I just got, but I needed some skinnies to tuck into my rain boots. There was a user posting inappropriate pictures on a bunch of threads. :/
who knows... maybe it's a tranny!
well whatever makes the guy happy... like everyone else has said, those ARE women's jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by mopritt *Raises hand* I think that if you have money and enough to spend on them, sure, go for it! I'm just a cheap fucker and have only paid just a little bit over that (110 dollars) for jeans. I'm poor. But yes, if you have the disposable income for them You've done better than me. The most I've spent is 80$. I'm only a senior in high school so I'm not a big spender but I currently have a giftcard waiting to be...
^I should've taken beforehand pictures because they were SUPER baggy. :/ Hard to tell a difference. My fit job is a little off but I'm going to keep them like this for now; idk if I'll wear them but I'm too lazy to redo it right now! And thanks mopritt.
(cross posted from AF) Stevies in Onyx. Saw them at my NR today, weird that nobody picked them up yet. I might go back and see if they're still there. What do you think? Worth 90$ at NR? The bottom part where it's not distressed looks super overdyed. In real, that part of the jean doesn't even look like denim. It looks more like how dress pants would look. That's why I'm a little iffy. I keep thinking about them though..
I wouldn't sag them as much but if I pull them up to a higher point it's a tad bit uncomfortable if you know what I mean. :P The rise on these seem a little lower than my Floyds. But I'll keep it in mind! Here's the link to the William Rast transformation; I didn't think it was appropriate to post in the R&R forum. http://www.honestforum.com/more-desi...leg-jeans.html
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