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^Damn. Those don't even look hemmed at all. Whoever did it was pro.
Check your local businesses for fundraising opportunities. I know Domino's, Sweet Tomatoes, Papa Murphy's, Papa John's, Pizza Hut, Applebee's, Red Robin, Chipotle, Baja Fresh and alot of other places have punch cards you can sell or you can designate one night where people can bring in a flyer or something and whoever brings in a flyer, you'll get 20% or more of what their meal cost was. That's just one idea. You could also sell magazine subscriptions, schools in my area...
Didn't see this discussed so I might as well point it out. The reason why some SFAMs have the "pants" logo instead of a big 7 is because of copyright issues. Thus, some pairs sold in some regions (I don't remember specifically which ones, but I think Europe is one) at a certain point have the pants logo.
I agree that those are fake. The major thing that sticks out to me is that the "3" should be flat on the top, not rounded. The stitching job is also not as immaculate as it is on real SFAMs.
Quote: Originally Posted by JEANius just to clear this up so that the OP doesn't think that there is a possibility of these being real.... "Dark Dorado" doesn't exist. It's a fake wash... and I agree... I think these might be an example. I apologize. I incorrectly assumed that OP knew that Dark Dorado wasn't a real wash but that was an oversight on my part. Thanks for the clarification.
Quote: Originally Posted by braindead5400 Yep, those are fake. If they are trying to be Amino then they certainly are doing a poor job of it either that or they're the new "dark dorados."
henlee chaos blue. runs true to size.
antolette, I think they look great! if you think they're too baggy, you could always try turning them into a skinnier cut like what you've done before. Personally, I wouldn't dare do it though because I'm too unskilled and I wouldn't want to mess up any of my R&R's.
This dispute should be between the person you sold it to and the person who bought the jeans in the end. You shouldn't be involved because that was not your transaction. The person who sold it the second time around should have represented the item in his or her listing well enough. It is not your responsibility.
I really don't like the recession collection. The Stimulus and Action and whatever other washes aren't PUKE gross, but I wouldn't ever get them. I also think the word down the side ruins it. It looks cheap and tacky. :/
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