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They appear fake to me but wait for someone else to confirm.
^This is true.
Look at the mall or eBay. Here are some retailers. http://www.honestforum.com/rock-repu...t-buy-r-r.html
^Well, my first conclusion was fake too but after seeing that nobody was responding to this thread I decided to cross post. In the end, it was concluded that they were fake because of the many things that were wrong with it. I, honestly, was kind of confused too because although the denim didn't look as good as it should, the wash and the R's aren't bad; though upon closer inspection, the leg of the R should bulge out a tiny bit more. :/
mm dusseldorf.
^Sellers can't leave negative feedback anymore.
these are the havana splatters right? I think they're aight. kinda cool in their own way but idk if I would get them. just IMO though.
^agreed. mall items have to be approved by moderators in order to make it to the mall. this means an automatic authentic check. the wash is ignorance blue, I believe.
Quote: Originally Posted by R&R_NYC 18" All-around, original Hemmed 32" long. $8 for the job. That's really cheap. Usually hemming with originals costs $20+.
Quote: Originally Posted by braindead5400 Those aren't hemmed, they're all just the original inseam length with the original R&R hem. I've only encountered two pairs of R&R that I would have needed to hem. One of them I sold because I didn't like the fit and the other I just left them the way they were. When I first got a pair of Johnny, the inseam was something like 37 inches Okay that's what I thought. My reading comprehension is out the window.
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