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Quote: Originally Posted by shihtzusweet I am wondering if the Earnest Sewn Garbo Flare style tends to have a smaller waist. I guess I need to start a thread and find out. I have 1 pair of Garbos (in Barro), but I have and have had a lot of other Earnest Sewn jeans ... compared to the others the waist is quite a bit smaller though the hips and thighs are not.
missmk, I thought I remembered you saying you were really tall? Anyway, I've hemmed all my R&R myself w/o original, I just make the hem as small as possible. I think they look fine.
I'd go for #3 and only #3.
roth electrolyte
I wouldn't go over 100. I've seen them go for 80-150+ though.
Chanel Allure EDT Burts Bees Honey Lip Balm black halter top from Forever 21 and a lot of coffee.
After wearing mine all day the skin covering the bony part where my big toe connects to my foot is irritated. But it only just got warm enough for sandals here this past week, so my feet have to get used to them. Every pair of sandals I have ever had, regardless of type, have irritated that part of my foot the first few wears.
IMO this is why it's better to trust your instincts.
Quote: Originally Posted by caseyt a few years ago my mom told me something that i think explains 2 things: *why i drink so much *why my drink of choice is miller light aparently, till i was around 3 my grandfather babysat me while my mom and grandma were at work. he was an old alcholic truck driver (it actually ended up killing him). anyway, whenever he was in town to save $ he was always my babysitter. one day my mom took off early from work...
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