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Are these Joey Big Ts authentic?                          
I want to get this Diesel Liris jacket but I'm not sure if it's legit. The seller is Germany and I am in the US so this is a bit of a risk. What do you think?          
Anyone know if http://www.dieselargentina.com/ is legit?
I'm getting these low contrast Zathan 784s and I would like them to look like these high contrast 784s. Can anyone do some custom work for me and add that dirty/cream color distressing throughout?          
Cool, I'll check that out, thanks. 
Since I can’t buy a pair of men’s white Diesel bootleg jeans I’m considering bleaching one of my current pairs. I have an old pair of Zathan 72Ds that have faded to a medium blue and have a few worn spots. I was thinking about putting some water and a little bleach in the tub and soaking the jeans for maybe and hour and repeating as necessary.   Has anyone done this before? Any advice?  
If you ever buy a counterfeit item using Paypal DO NOT open a case stating that the item was counterfeit. If you do, in order to win your case Paypal will require to provide signed documentation from a Diesel retailer verifying that the item is fake - huge pain in the ass and it is Paypal's way of not having to repay you your money. INSTEAD say the item was not as described - the sizing or color was incorrect or it looked nothing like it did in the picture.
Can anyone tell me if these Zathans are ligit. Everything looks good to me but I don't like the way the waist patch application is sewn in instead of being ironed on.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/261151204324?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649  
I’m looking to purchase a couple pairs of Zathans in waist size 31 and measured length 32” – 33”, Let me know if you have anything.
New Posts  All Forums: