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I don't know about those jeans, but most of my r&rs do end up stretching out.. they look good still! i love the pockets and the wash!
although i have never purchased from this site before, all the pictures appear to be authentic
Somebody said it's from H&M but I haven't seen it. Can somebody please find this for me. - Thanks in advance
aww sorry to hear that!! are they still on sale??
^ agreed.. the wash looks weird
really?? aww.. i guess i'm the only one!
I know this has been mentioned before, but Curtis Stone from "Take Home Chef" is sooo freakin' hot in his rocks!!! For those of you who don't know what he looks like.. picture this hot guy with a sexy accent add some rock and republics and the fact that he comes over to your house and assists you with cooking!! =
they look like turmoil.. but anyways, holy crap, $50??! what a steal!!!
wow, that's awesome! great deal too!! can't wait to see some pictures!!
you know you want R&R!! those are soo pretty, i'm actually looking for those too you should definitely get a pair, i tried them on at the store and they are SOO comfy!
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