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Those are real.
Please tell us you are not going to sandpaper them again. If you want the look of a vintage pair of dry denim, why not get that look in the most authentic way possible, by wearing the shit out of them?
It is recommended that you both PayPal each other a fair payment for each pair of jeans. Once the trade has been completed and both members are satisfied, the payments can be refunded, or you can PayPal each other the exact same sums of money. That way, in case something doesn't work out, a member is not completely screwed while the other member has 2 pairs of jeans.
It's called "pinching" and it's pretty much frowned upon in the dry denim community.
Ah. I was unaware it took a turn for the worse.
It was certainly less offensive than some of the other threads in the Chat section.
I thought the title of this thread was "Bot opinions please." If that was the case, you could get plenty of those.
I think everyone should be unbanned. I doubt that many of them will actually come back here and cause chaos. I would be curious who actually did come back.
Save Dweckl!
Call your credit card company and see if it isn't too late to file for a chargeback.
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