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Quote: Originally Posted by Tboneia OP I'm not trying to be mean, but I also thought they were women's jeans at first glance. Me too!! I thought it was a woman in womens jeans!!! I had to take a 2nd look....
I randomly checked in to see what was goin here and I stumbled upon this thread... I'll never forget my feuds with Tigistylist and meomixcat LMAO!! RIP HF!
What store did u go to?
They made them, i used to own a pair and i freakin loved them
Which one did you go to?? I want those!!
My mistake the joeys are dk maverick: Men's 'Joey' Super T - Maverick Dark - True Religion Brand Jeans
Looks like frontier and dk fillmore
I love Metropark! Just got back from buying 6 shirts for $60 today!
I like it
Oh ok I would be selling, maybe i will wait til september
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