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Hey ! Wanna know what shoes do you wears with your jeans ! If you can post pics I only wear basket, and I'm searching what kind of shoes I'll buy when my Timmen 71J will be here ! I think about Nike Sixton or Nike Alexander or Court Edition 2 for the moment ! Wait for your pics
Quote: Originally Posted by davinho ^ Check the date! We reply cause there is a bot posting porn
lol ? Just open this thread with my girlfriend near me ! lmao !!!
Nobody ? Why this pair is so hard to find and so expansive ?!
Thanks ! But I miss it ! lol I don't bid on it cause I don't know the wash ! And the auction end at 67,00 EUR :'( :'(
What wash please : Thanks
I plain to buy this one, can you confirm me it's real ?! 71J ?
Ok thanks ! that's what I mean
A little question, Is there a model in 71J wash other than SAFADO with this on the front pocket (metal square) : Fake picture no ?
Hey, Do you know where can I find this amazing jeans ? What price I should buy it please ? Cause I search for a 28 and don't find it after few hours of search ^^
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