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Fake stuff on this website please ? : DESTOCK75's blog - Blog de DESTOCK75 - Skyrock.com
Fake I guess ? :
Yeah biodiesel ! Thanks I have check, can buy them for 45 € ! lol
Perfect ! That's the type of shoes I like to wear and I speak since begining of this post !!!! And I'm searching for this type of shoes by nike for my Timmen 71J !
Quote: Originally Posted by ross I like those, but I also own these...so don't take my word as the Gospel. Horrible lol Quote: Originally Posted by sandman I can see some imbalance in here,you can give 200+ bucks to pants but not to shoes??? FFF i think men's jewellier are watches,shoes,and cars.Among these I think shoes are most affordable than others. So save some money or go to outlet store and buy one nice pair of shoes...
And what do you think about Nike Sixton ?! Lot of colors but for example :
I have Onitsukas Rob ! That's the style of "basket" I wanna talk ! Not basketball shoes ! lol ! Here sneakers etc etc are "basket". Sandman, the first one are cool, but I can't wear the second pair ^^
lol thx I understand what you'r saying ! But I have take a picture randomly And the referee make me laugh a lot What I want to say is that I like wear some trainers or sneaker, it's my look Can't wear boots or other very class shoes Here in France, for the 15-30 y/o, wearing a 71J with a old pair of air force one is IN
Yes thanks, but 99% of boots in this thread ! :'( I'm searching for nike shoes like these :
Hey ! Wanna know what shoes do you wears with your jeans ! If you can post pics I only wear basket, and I'm searching what kind of shoes I'll buy when my Timmen 71J will be here ! I think about Nike Sixton or Nike Alexander or Court Edition 2 for the moment ! Wait for your pics
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