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Seller sell it around 75€ ! Think it's a good price !
It's a 28 x 32 ! Few weeks I search for one but don't find.... First I find ! The seller assure me the jeans are like new !
Hey, In your opinion, is the hole on left knee is original, or due to wear ? How much is a good price for this Safado 71J please ?!
Poor quality pics I know, but seller don't have another, are they real please : Thanks
lol exactly like me ! Don't know if I buy a safado 71J, Slammer 71J or Timmen 8GI !
Bio, what do you think about these 917 with my Timmen 71J ? :
lol For 2), I just receive my Timmen 71J, but I search one jeans now in wash light like my 71J and with the four metal plates on the coin pocket just above the diesel stripe like on the Timmen 8GI!
Fake ! Ok ! :'( but Tee, on this post you say : Backpockets = <3 http://www.honestforum.com/diesel-je...ggestions.html lol
Hey, Someone have pictures of these 2 wash both please ? Have a 71J, but never see 8GI in real, and I'll be happy to compare before buying Thanks !
Thanks Tee And this Timmen please : ?
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