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Hi there, I have buy this pair by misstake, was on ebay at 20 euros, and place a bid not seeing that it was listed in womens jeans, there was no info about model or wash, just size (mine, 27x32) ! lol ! Nobody bid, and I win it for 20 € You understand I'm a man, lol, and when I see auction in wowen section on ebay, I was thinking to re sell it on ebay, was making the auction, and before finalize it, don't know why, I have try to wear it to see what he look on me !...
I don't post myself cause haven't time to take pics and try one on me when was at the store
Same question for a Timmen 71J in 29x32 ! I can sell it at a good price no ? It's my favorite pair, but too big for me
Hey, Have seen this pair yesterday at the Diesel Store, I really like this jeans, someone have it and can post worn pics please ?! Thanks
In the mall : http://www.honestforum.com/mens-26-29/185931-diesel-zathan-8aa-size-27x32-like-new.html#post1716502 Will see
Hi there, Want to sell in the Mall a Zathan 008AA, in 27x32, like new, but don't know how much can I put for the price on here ?! If someone can help me ! Thanks
Yes 71J, best diesel wash IMO !
Remember where you send them ! Not in Paris ! lol Par contre les 2 Zathan 89Z et 8AA, vais les faire slimmer et raccourcir !
Yes it's yours Have removed the pics, will post other later ! Yes I'm thinking too that's a tad long, I don't know if I have to hem them !? It's just a little long, not much ?!
Seeing them now ?!
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