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Ce que je pensais ;)   Thanks
Hi there,   And this one please :   http://www.dieseljeansamerica.com/   They ''have'' the Thanaz 74K I want.... But it look scam site ! lol
Hi there,   How much can I sell these please :   Viker 8KK in 27X32 Larkee 73L in 27X32 Timmen 71J in 29X32   Thanks  
Hi there !   For sale Viker 8KK 27X32 / Larkee 73L 27X32 / Timmen 71J 29X32 ! Make me offers !   Will ship worldwide.   Feel free to ask questions !!!
Salut !   Pas trop tenté par ces washs dommage :/ Désolé....
Hi,   I search Thanaz / Thavar / Safado in 26/27 ! Let me know what you have with sizes and prices ! Thanks   Also have TIMMEN 71J in 29x32 to sell or trade !  
Searching one in 27 but don't find :'(
Quote: Originally Posted by darkknight 8fc Which cut please ?!
lol I have buy it to a woman, and she listed it in woman jeans And yes, when I search on ebay, I see Riohma for woman, and for men like this one same as mine, Riohma 796 : DIESEL RIOHMA 796 Jeans 34 x 32 Thanaz Viker 71J 73J - eBay (item 120566596582 end time Jun-05-10 16:24:10 PDT) But well, for 20 €, it's a good deal ahah ! Will keep them, think look very good on me
Quote: Originally Posted by leftvapor Which cut are these? Riohma 796
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