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That's awesome old timer!
I like wrist tattoos, they look very cool imo. BEN will you pm me a pic of your tattoo on your back? I never knew that about you!
Thanks! Not bad but could be better. Was hoping for #8.
What # am I? I don't feel too much like a loser since Ben couldn't figure it out either... Gospastic is still my hero though, how cool is that? #7 rocks!
Jessica I love your haircut
Hmm, I dunno Josh. I totally believe in karma, fate and destiny... I still think you're super cool, just a realist I suppose.
Ben is this your first tattoo? I have no idea if you had others or not but I want to see pics too. I still love you Ben, always will. My first time... was a long ass time ago. Still remember it vividly though.
Oh wow, I love that look^^
OMG Gospastic! I miss you. Tiffany you look great but will you ever leave the house in that outfit or is a post just for the boys? Hope you actually go out in it, really hot.
Oh Christine, I'm in tears right now after reading your post. I had no idea you had this going on in your life. I am truly so happy for you and your family!!! Wow, this is such wonderful news.
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