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Little update: 2 pairs of Nudie slim jims. Black: Over a year old, used rarely now. 9 months: hot wash 10 months: cold wash 11 months: cold wash I want a more natural fade on these so I wash them more often. Greycast: 5 months of daily wear (except 7-8 days) 3 months: Cold soak 4 months: Cold wash 5 months: Cold wash
Nudie slim jim, black 11 months, hot wash at 9 months and cold wash at 11 months I still wear them a bit. They progressed alot since I took those pictures.
Quote: Originally Posted by BriarPatch your nudies are coming along nicely... How long have you been breaking them in? (nice honeycombs too!) Thanks, I've had that pair for less than a month, they are going nicely. Talk shows: That's one nice shirt, what is it?
"These retail for $325- a STEAL for the quality." Sorry but 325$ for jeans is NEVER a steal, no matter what. Other than that, they look pretty.
Peel pub is fun, only tourists though.
That was a great 1000th post.
If you want to avoid the tourists, stay out of old Montreal and crescent street (aka, american tourists street) Have a drink at gogo lounge, lots of girly drinks. Nice ambiance and good looking client√®le. A GoGo Lounge Bar in Montreal Have a beer on a nice terrace at St-√Člizabeth http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/10019/ If you must go in old Montreal, have a drink at Terrasse bonsecours. Terrasses Bonsecours :: Bar - Terraces - Lounge :: Quays of the Old...
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