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Quote: Originally Posted by jh2240 what is that 3rd farco from the left? (i'm assuming its a farco) 83L...??
alright guys...i'll get pics up as soon as the tailor finish with the hem job.
damn....i spent a grand on them, didn't you?
Quote: Originally Posted by adsurgo i have bespoke 45rpms. that's the one with special order hand distressing, isn't it?
The shipping is extremely fast since I ordered them on Sep 13 and they arrived this morning!!! The denim is very very very thick and stiff. They fit similar to Nudie SJ. The color is deep indigo with shade of black. For me, these are awesome pair of jeans and totally worth a...
please follow this url http://honestforum.com/showthread.ph...416#post717416
Quote: Originally Posted by advan031 I remember seeing one wash "dry" denim turning out to be fantastic still. These unsanforized japanese denim do shrink A LOT so your honeycombs will shift and such. So you'd end up wanting to doing a cold soak before you wear them anyway so you might as well buy the one wash one you just made me have a second thought right there! i forgot about the length shrikage since i haven't washed my nudie yet. if the...
Quote: Originally Posted by adsurgo the jeans are amazing. amazing indigo, amazing quality, amazing construction. if bentley made jeans they would be 45rpms. wow...you just made me can't wait for them to arrive! would you mind posting some pictures of yours? do you have the raw or o/w one? thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by advan031 Post pics of the fit of your Sorahikos! If I ever buy one, I'd opt for the one-was (pre-shrunk) so I don't have to worry about shrinking at all. Maybe I'll buy one if I ever sell all of my diesel jeans...haha will do after they arrive! well, i think the o/w one has already lost the "magical process".
Quote: Originally Posted by advan031 Considering that they are repro brands they would fit like old school...lol high rise, anti-fit look...eh I don't know much about 45rpm so I have no idea what you're talkin about Sorahikos..lol But hopefully you'll enjoy them alot considering you sold your ograns for them I'll stick for "cheap" dry denim for now. I'll probably grab a pair of Studio D'Artisan once BIG opens their online store. oh...
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