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they caught on because a high school musical star started wearing them
i see too many people wearing rocks these days, and wearing them really wrong, they have just become less appealing to me now. It seems like, not saying anyone here, but like people with money to spend just buy rocks from the store and mash them with any outfit.
damn glad i snagged my pair of 30x32 a few months ago. am lookin to trade for 29 if anyone interested...paintballer? lol. I would suggest sizing down one, as the legs are pretty roomy imo.
and fake
real morphine, real stoneys and stoneys run 1 big.
Rock & Republic Mens Taylor Drad Jeans Size: 30 - eBay (item 160362802284 end time Sep-20-09 00:59:18 PDT) Thanks
is anyone else also having major difficulties getting to the HF mall and denimblog from the homepage? i have to click like 4 things to find mall. The tab on the front page doesnt work? is it just me
Hi, i am of no help to your question, however i would like to ask where are some good places to jean shop in vancouver OP? for mens jeans.
real floyd in devolution imo. I see these around alot, theres lots of these on ebay.
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