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I normally wear a 32x30 in most zathan washes. Would i be able to pull off a yarik 70m 30x34 if i hemmed the length? Any help is appreciated...thanks
does anyone have the website that gives u the diff outlet #s?,,,,,thanks
I wear a 32 waist in almost all zathan and farco cuts. What would be a good size for me to get in these NUDIE JEANS Thin Finn in Cool Grey at Revolve Clothing - Free Shipping! ...also, can someone please compare the fit to farcos...thanks
i rem seeing something about these on animal planet... i think it was a special on animal planet "most amazing animals" or something like that and the special was animals with the most powerful jaws...these things are crazy they can dig holes through concrete with their teeth. at zoos they have to make these special enclosures made from glass, because if they make it out of any other material they can dig holes and escape
You should ask your doctor about something called a try pack. Its like a mix of diff kinds of antbibiotics.
crap...just checked his ebay info again, and some dude just left him new feedback... SCAM!received item said unauthorized payment from paypal,kept item w/ fullrefund this is over 500$ worth of stuff, and i have gotten scammed before...what would you guys do?
This is the situation....some guy on ebay bid on 4 of my auctions and won them all. He has no feedback and he seems kinda odd from what he has emailed me, and he just payed me the full amount through paypal, and is allowing me to ship EMS (global express mail). But the problem is that he is using his friends paypal account and the account has no shipping info. He sent the shipping address in a email. Can you he claim that he never got the package? Should i be...
PM sent.
i got some thanaz 71j in 34x34 if your interested...shoot me a PM if u are
I actually live a couple of streets away from him, and he always dresses nice...ive seen him in affliction,grail,diesel,monarchy...basically anything that is hot in the stores he has and wears....oh and btw he went to my highschool before i did and my sis was in the same year as him and everyone knew him as loser, until he got famous from "that 70's show"...goes to prove what fame can do for u.
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