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Also in Brown: G-Star has sort of been branded chav and neddy but quite nice, look real sturdy.
Quote: Originally Posted by AZZA23 Thats a bargain on the Revick..sick wash too! Yeah been chasing them for ages in that wash but before the 50% they were just a little too much. I'm sure the U.S. store will cut to 50% too, one final push before the new stock gets the full go ahead.
Hey there, Diesels' UK website has put up further reductions putting last seasons jeans down to 50% off -huragh-, not sure if this goes for the U.S. too but hope this is useful. Ive gone mad as a result. Picked up some Revick 8KZ for £75 and Ryan 8IL for £55 plus £5 on the delivery!! Enjoy.
Hey, Okay so sales are on so thought I might as well get another pari of boots but I can't decide which ones, thought I could get some opinions from you lot. YMER by Faith (Probably top of the list): Faith Couple of ASOS numbers: ASOSMAN | ASOS Lace-Up Leather Boots at ASOS ASOSMAN | at ASOS Then there's quite a few on Yoox which I can't find right now i'll post up later. Cheers guys!
8LC 89Z mmm
Hey guys, new here. Been eyeing up the Pheyo's for a while just found these: DIESEL PHEYO L34 PANTS DIESEL CLOTHES JEANS Diesel Clothing Mens Designer Clothing,Lyle And Scott,G Star,Diesel,Adidas,Lacoste Never seen this wash before only the darker 8LG and a lighter one I can't remember. Are these authentic? cheers,
It pressured me into buying quite a few things just before midnight, turns out they've still got it all up in the sale, well they've changed the word 'sale' to 'clearance'! Feel a little cheated. ~H
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