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Quote: Originally Posted by darkknight where exactly can you buy ddg other than yoox? is there like an online site? I want a pair of raw thanaz badly. yoox also runs a different site that carries ddg: www.thecorner.com
The fit of that jacket (julivo) appears strange because of poor modeling choice. It's not versatile or something you could wear every day, so I would not recommend it to someone looking at jackets like the luppy or lade(rry). To me, 5'7" 160 implies an average-to-wide frame, so I would suggest the luppy.
I echo the call for a bomber. Ribbed cuffs can alleviate some of the problem with the sleeve length. In addition to the models darnoc listed, you may want to try lexis. DIESEL - Lexis Jacket | SSENSE
Quote: Originally Posted by pogodimi the black coating on these is actually meant to start wearing in places the more the jeans are washed and worn, the tops is an example of what the jeans will look like as the black starts to fade as the person wears them more and more. Interesting and Slightly Innovative: Sure Conventional: nah, not really haha. These definitely look funny initially but who knows, maybe they end up looking kind of cool over time....
Quote: Originally Posted by mannequin it's going to be 80% off if you're a cult member damn
So, I am wondering about what happened/is going to happen to all the pairs manufactured for the re-release. I wouldn't think that Diesel would just destroy them ... perhaps they will be sent to outlets?
Indeed I did, I'll put some up when I get them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stevie BNWT Trouleg 8AA - 26X30 - BIN $199.99 DIESEL TROULEG 8AA 26 X 30 NEW WITH TAG! - eBay (item 260506548491 end time Dec-14-09 00:04:49 PST) Thanks! I've been looking for a while, they were #1 on my want list.
I see what you mean now. They redid their website and there is no longer a box for entering a code at checkout. Weird.
Are there even any functioning ssense codes right now?
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