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Posted on ebay - thanks for looking!   http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190747196104  
Size & Measurements (waist, hip, inseam, rise): 34x32 Price (including shipping cost): $100 OBO My eBay ID : tokimasa85 Accepted payment methods: Paypal with Credit Card   Description: This is a great looking pair of bootcut jeans from Diesel. The 8LH wash is a nice dark wash that goes well in a number of situations. Condition: These jeans are New With Tags. I bought them when I worked at a place with a casual dress code. I left not long after buying these jeans and...
Thanks for the advice everyone!
hi everyone, i have become a fan of Diesel jeans. my current collection includes Quratt in 88z, Kuratt in 70z, Zaf in 8bc, Zaghor in 8lh, and Zaghor in 8ta. i have big legs and a big butt from playing ice hockey since age 5, so i need a more relaxed cut in order to be able to walk in my jeans, but i also don't like my jeans to be too baggy (the Quratt in 88z is probably bigger than what i would like but the Kuratts are not nearly as baggy). anyhow, i'm looking for...
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