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THANKS for all of the help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would NEVER want to own a pair of fakes!
Strange question... I bought a pair of jeans at a sale and they are labeled "For All Mankind" but there is no "7" just a pair of pants (also looks like upside down V) in place where the "7" usually is, including on the rivets, etc. And the front of the rivets says for all mankind without the 7... if there is a possibility that these are authentic I will post photos. Was there ever such a thing? Thanks! u075019upj cut# 100199
Help! I know these are a known faked cut number and I have been doing research for an hour I would love to know if I purchased the real deal.... I have purchased several pairs from Saks at Woodbury Commons and compared them to these and I cant tell the difference thanks!!!
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