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While this is technically true, you'd better believe that the money the employer has to pay is already figured into your wage. As a business owner, I have to pay my employees 8% less because I have to pay this stupid tax. [quote=Tboneia;1535405] In my state, unemployment tax is paid by businesses not individual taxpayers. So depending where you live you may not be the one paying this tax. [quote]
We've got one. If you compare it to gas, it falls short, just like any electric range will. But if your only option is a regular electric stove, I'd go smooth top. They are much easier to keep clean. You can use a round bottom wok with a ring on the smooth tops, just like you can on a regular electric stove, and get the same results, but ultimately you'll still get better heat from a gas stove. Samantha
I tried the new laser that supposedly works on lighter hair. 5 treatments - no results. Luckily the doctor's office was willing to refund what I paid. The type of laser makes a difference - the one that was used on me - the one claiming "lighter hair removal" was the Aesthera PPX. Samantha
This stuff is incredible! Unfortunately not available in the states, so i stock up on my trip to Canada every summer. Someone earlier posted about the benefits of Parsol 1789 in sunscreens, which is awesome, but la roche has both parsol and Mexoryl. Good stuff. Tackles both UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays exceptionally well. I put it on under my foundation every day. la roche posay anthelios fluide extreme spf 50+
I've been in the dental field for years - here's my advice... Dental plans are not usually worth it, here's why. You have to look at them as "rebate plans", especially if you don't have one provided by an employer. Dental insurance is not like medical insurance - it is not designed to be as comprehensive as medical. If your employer provides it to you a spart of a benfits package, I might get it, but definitely not if you're looking for an individual plan. You'll pay way...
Oh, I actually did this myself once - I was so mad! It probably won't work on men's jeans due to the look, but I actually took the material I cut off and made a new "hem" that was wider than the original and attached it to extend the length. Sort of like a SFAM dojo-style wide hem. It helped that I still had the material too... I'll bet the tailor threw it away. Samantha
I'm Samantha, 34 years old, married 12 years - no kids, no pets, no plants. Addicted to premium denim and being able to just lock the door and go on an adventure for a few days and not have to worry about getting someone to feed kids/pets/plants. I own a boutique dental lab - we make teeth, for those who don't know what a dental lab does. My specialty is smile makeovers.
From the husband: Try UnderArmour skivvies - they make "performance wear" and they have an underwear line. Go with the underwear line. They have boxers, briefs, and boxer-briefs. He tends to chafe a little with tighter pants, and the UA stuff competely gets rid of that. They're about 18 bucks a pair. He goes for the boxer-briefs, but has tried the boxers too. Loves them.
I do all of mine this way, too - for me it's actually quicker than driving to the tailor, having them measure, drive back to pick them up, etc. One thing I found is that over time the tricky hems tend to curl back up to the outside almost like a tiny cuff. To prevent this from happening, I do two things. First I tack stitch the inside zigzagged edge to the leg in about three places with one tiny hand stitch only - you can't see it at all from the outside (be sure to...
You guys are awesome. Thanks for all the recommendations. I ended up buying some Chacos and a pair of Tevas that aren't too chunky looking from Zappos - they were on sale, even. I'll tell you what really caught my eye, though - Arche. Man, they're pricey, but they look awesome. http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/8615527/c/4491.html Anyone have any or tried any on? Any idea if they run TTS? I also liked these Puma Sport ones, but again, pricey. ...
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