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Hello, I recently bought some AGs on ebay but they don't have any size labels, the look and feel is fine, I was just surprised about the missing tag? Could you take a look? Thank you very much              
Hello,   my experience is, they are smaller than TR, Seven, etc. I'm 25/26 in Seven/True/J Brand but in Acne 27. But it also depends on the wash, I had the feeling that blues run smaller than blacks, but this was just my impression. Hope this helps.
Thank you very much, I didn't notice this..... 
Hello,   could you please help me and check the authenticity of this JC Jacket? Thank you very much.
Hello,   I bought a Mike&Chris leather jacket some time ago from ebay. Leather and finishing are the same as my other (authentic) mike&chris jackets. But I have never seen the style anywhere else than on ebay. The style was called"Lee"  (according to the Ebay seller)   Could you help me? Do you think it looks authentic?     Thank you very much in advance.
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