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Crap, I wish they make another RR outlet on the east coast. Anyways, thank you very much for your time and help, kissmequick. Have a happy and safe holidays. Cheers, David.
Thanks for the thorough reply, kissmequick. I shall check this site some more to see if there are anyone who's selling a pair here. I am a TR fan but RR jeans are so comfortable and fitting better for me than TR jeans tbh. Thanks again, kissmequick~ Cheers. David. p.s. What is "sample sale"? Where can I find this sales?
Hello all, I love this website and the people here especially! It's good to have people helping you out making decisions buying jeans on the net. Anyways, I have found these two RR Jeans on eBay. I really like the markings(however you guys call it lol) on the back pockets. I must get them!! Here are the links. Rock & Republic Mens Jeans Taylor Cyanide Bomb Blue 34 - eBay (item 110322898807 end time Jan-05-09 23:18:28 PST) Other.(this guy looks legit tho) Men Rock &...
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