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Relisted and price dropped. Must go! Make offers!
Not sure where or how to get a hold of these anymore, but Crate used to have some great slim bootcut raws, namely the "James" and "Sally" cuts. I picked up a pair of Sallys a few days ago, (unworn and brand new for 15 bucks at buffalo exchange, hell yeah) and they're great. Reminds me of Trouleg with a smaller leg opening.
Relisted on ebay, still available. PM me!
PRICE DROP to $60 SHIPPED. These MUST go.   Measurements: Waist: 15" Inseam: 31" Rise: 7" Knee: 7" Hem: 6"   PM me!
Thanaz 71B, 8IW (and honestly, anything similar to either wash) size 27x32
Quote: Originally Posted by frankfaster84 Yep, not bad! But the backpockets look huuuge on the now skinny jeans I think. Yeah haha, the pockets are pretty large for skinnies. I'd really like to try thanaz to see what the smaller back pockets feels like. I didn't get them hemmed at all, that's just the Zathan 32 length right there, but more stacking would be nice.
I figured the alterations thread was too old for this by now. I just got back from the tailor where I was getting my Zathans tapered and I absolutely love the results. I got them both tapered to slightly different fits. Zathanaz/Zlammer 764 AND Zafado/Zlammer 8BE
Yeah, Zhav looks to be the new Zaf/Zaghor. It seems like Reyhan is the REAL trouleg successor. Has anyone had any experience with this cut yet? The 8YM looks sexy imo.
http://www.majhost.com/gallery/krk/kk/carousel/1.jpg http://www.majhost.com/gallery/krk/kk/carousel/2.jpg http://www.majhost.com/gallery/krk/kk/carousel/3.jpg http://www.majhost.com/gallery/krk/kk/carousel/4.jpg Just thought I'd check before pulling the trigger. Authentic?
I'm liking the rainbow sandals from what I see. I'm eyeing the expresso leather ones, which only come in the single layer, but for those that own them I'm curious, how do the single and double layers compare? Also, what's the general consensus on thicker vs narrower strap for guys?
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