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there ya go hun, I'm glad you left your passive-aggressive stance to actually call me out. I said READ about the MORVA thing. Not this. Reading into the Morva issue would have shown you that he didn't go after the students. Next time something happens in your home town, I'll be sure to say hey, look, something happened in NAV's hometown yesterday and then again today, geez, there MUST be something wrong with that PLACE. Think about it.
NAV - that was a completely different issue. Please read before you go spouting stuff like that. Morva was trying to escape from being locked up and at that point shot someone (two I think) to get away. He did not go after students and never did. THIS issue is completely different. COMPLETELY. One crazy person does not mean there is something wrong with the campus or the people on it.
I've been watching the live feed since they put it up. I'm bawling. My love to all my fellow Hokies.
Quote: Originally Posted by BillyGoat Seriously! She's total MIA, someone just hints at flesh and POP, there's Silver! Crazy girl!!! We've missed you! And sadly, you'll probably get sick of seeing them... I plan to get my money's worth J I NEVER get sick of seeing them...well..unless they are mine. Mine are rather uninspiring. I know, I know, I can just hear the clothes coming off from a mile away. I'm a good little perv like that. I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by 130_R I swear, you always pop up when it's time to get a little. *LOL* It's uhhh....professional curiosity, I swear!
Zharx 83L = love, however, the Diesel outlet in Leesburg, VA did not have them in a 34 length. Question 1 - Were they available in a 34 Length? Question 2 - What other cuts/washes should I look into that would fit/look similar?
Quote: Originally Posted by avandelay123 CATFISH- How was your trip? ^^Exactly what I was wondering when I saw this thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by BillyGoat before & after pics are yours, if requested. *tries to look cute*
Thanks for spreading truth, avandelay. I'm 26 (oldest you can be and still get it) - I've had the first two and I get the third in May. My insurance covers the shot, I just pay my retardedly high co-pay ($40) for the visit. With the first one, the shot itself wasn't so bad but my arm was sore as hell the next several days - just like with Tetanus (possibly worse that tetanus, but nowhere NEAR as bad as the rabies ones...). The trick is to work the muscle, move the...
I went to the Coach store as soon as it opened at 10:00 am. They said I was screwed - in a nice way. I called the Coach line. They said I was screwed - also, in a nice way. The Coach phone line at least directed me to a leather repair place that they use up in Jersey. Both places gave me a 25% discount on a future bag. I tried the cornstarch after I got home from work (it happened at 8:30 in the morning) with no luck. The bag is ruined. I'm going to send it...
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