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tell me about it! I have so many jeans I cant fit anymore! I have to make sure i dont waste 400 bucks! 
Hey guys,    I know these kind of questions are annoying, but I really need some help. I finally got a steady weight going. I used to wear size 28 dior 19cm for awhile. I had to sell em =/.  I just wanna make sure this next purchase wont be a waste. Where exactly do I measure to find the waist size to size down one from? I just remembered that these stretch out a lot. If this helps at all, I can provide some measurements?   My thigh measures 22inch around. The...
  Hey DB,   SOLD BLUE APC AND DIORS   I have size 26 APC NS Raw Black NEW WITH TAG never worn I would like to sell it at $140 each shipped + paypal fees. or OBO - I just cant fit them since I bulked up a bit. I also have Naked and Famous Skinny Guy - Black Power Stretch Size 28 new as well. - This fits well if someone wears size 26-27 in apc. Selling for $100 shipped + paypal fees OR OBO This is the model that I...
Quote: Originally Posted by C_Troy242 If you measure the thigh correctly (Blue in Green method) it should come out to about 27cm or 10.5inch on a sz28, probably even a little more. So I'd think a size 27 should be around 10 inch, not more. Measuring around is pointless. I know how to measure the thigh for jeans... It's just could I I wear a size 27 where it wont look skinny tight jeans =P.
Wait, do you mean I should have around 18 inches on the thigh area?
Does anyone have a thigh measurement for a size 27 MIJ raw? I currently own size 28 Black Mij raw and they are falling off without a belt in the waist area. Should I get a size 27? I am only scared of it being tight in the thigh and my thigh measures 19-20inches around. Dont really want a tight look but a slim one. Hopefully I can figure this out soon enough to know which size to get. If needed I can get pics of a fit pic maybe later on today. But if anyone knows this...
Hey guys, where do you think i can find nice size 28 indigo raws. I wear 19cm black raws. Are black raws tighter than indigo? What would my 17.5 cm size be and how does it compare to 19cm?
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