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Quote: Originally Posted by Infinite42 Spurs in 5. x2 best case scenario for cavs, spurs in 6..
depending on your skill set and what's in demand, you could get tons of responses typically from recruiting firms. if you're in an industry with high employee turnover, you'll probably get contacted quickly.
i want in too.
size down x2
eBay: Diesel Zathan 772 29 x 30 29x30 Rare 2003 Lab 796 71j (item 320115314093 end time May-23-07 22:20:25 PDT) 772 zathan from 03...just watch out for all the repair work that's been done...
looks fine. you might want to take pics with shoes on because that'll be more accurate.
zathan 772 04
hooray..zathan lives on under a different name and with a slighty better cut...
90's were available when i checked this afternoon..wow..word gets around fast...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jat whats ety lol Diesel New - Ety at Jeanery. DIESEL, BEN SHERMAN, PUMA, ENERGIE, REPLAY, LACOSTE AND MORE.
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