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Too bad you did not post these pics where you originally asked about your item.
THe Lubells, and I have smelled it. ITs been out since early December and on the site and in stores. TR is corporate now, on the stock exchange.
Quote: Originally Posted by bradl hahhahhhahha that is soooooo true, all the black and milato kids at my school all wear em. but they the ones who sell the fake ones. I realize we are dealing with a mensa member, however just to clarify: They are called MULATTO.
Quote: Originally Posted by chapoburciaga5 but thank you i am very happy to know they are fake because i didn't buy those i know a guy who has them so he is always showing off his jeans and i always knew that there was something wrong with those and how do you know the names and all that where did you learn? I have owned, worn, bought and sold True Religion for over 5 years. I moderate the True Religion section at another denim site, as...
Quote: Originally Posted by VBVariant Hi everyone, please help me check for the authenticity of these jeans on ebay. If they are 100% real then is that price reasonable? Thanks everyone for a reply. Have a nice day! NEW True Religion JOEY Natural Leather REBEL 30 - eBay (item 230317576011 end time Feb-02-09 17:01:45 PST) This pair is real
I respect HF enough to NOT post the thread links where YOU bradl, put up pictures of your counterfeit sports jerseys and hats. Proudly displayed, and when questioned on it, you were quite defiant on why you had some fake jerseys and hats, and had no problem with buying or owning them. Now, move on.
Quote: Originally Posted by SunnySC Ok, luvapup, I do more than my share of reporting. Um, what??
Well, I don't tolerate fakes, fake owners, or BS. In any order.
Quote: Originally Posted by bradl she just enjoys going on these forums to make fun of people, so far thats all ive ever seen her do on af n here. Yes, thats all I do on forums, is make fun of people. Sure. Research my posts. On any site. See what they contain.
Quote: Originally Posted by courtzzzz69 How did this turn from a fakes joke thread to an argument over the authenticity of sports uniforms?!?! You may feel free to PM me about the bannage of certain individuals elsewhere if you are interested, or you may feel free to research it on your own. Member ID is the same.
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