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looking for the dior homme jake jeans from 07 in size 29 or 30. please pm me, thanks.
nah, diors are complete shit. terrible quality and fit. you pay more because of kanye west.
yes, if that's your comfortable size, meaning you can do the clasp pre-stretch. good luck finding dust though, lol.   my sized down smallest possible size is 27, and i was able to fit into dust in that size. tight in the waist, but i have narrow hips/no ass so i can manage. if you're on the same boat, you should have no problems either.
dust is my favorite, really nice wash. but i don't wear it everyday in fear of fucking it up lol. denim is thick, but not like diesel thick.   if you're looking for light washes, i guess umc 07 is the way to go for the summer. denim is thick though. you can also try soulmate, although i'm not a fan.   day off and mondays off also seem like good everyday pairs.
i got 19cm.
that's what i hear. but troy has it in his regular size, and it fits him.
haha, yea. i called the beverly hills store and they were like "we have it in 17.5cm in size 29", and i was like "werrrrrrd?" then they were like "actually we sold out." fuck.
yea, why?
not anymore;)   fuck, the beverly hills store actually had it in 17.5cm in size 29. shoulda copped when i had the chance. but i wonder if it would've been big like agan.   i do really like the upper block fit of 19cm though. 17.5cm looks a bit strange from the back because of big waist, snug thighs. only looks good sagged.
sweet. that's what i needed to hear.
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