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Maybe it is a lack of ass that is causing the sagging situation?
Hahaha. Poor Levi's Lad...the worst kind of internet superstar.
I don't know for sure, but I am guessing it was his penis. There is a picture of levi's little lad circulating around the forums. He is a redhead if I remember correctly
Happy Birthday!
I am counting down the days until Obama's term is over. I suspect the Republican party will come back strong and win the next election. I think even Democrats realize how they were bamboozled by this lying nut job. I just hope we can pick up the pieces after he finishes wreaking havoc on America.
That is messed up. I was wondering why I never seen Avatar on HF anymore.
Quote: Originally Posted by Veckatimest i was expecting way worse than that, since a mod told me "i'd out her to you, but it's too bad of a choice and reflects so terribly on HF." i thought it'd be like, ttramell. Haha. I did not even know this was Avatar. How come you are not going by your old name?
^^Are you sure this moderator was telling you the truth? She might have been pulling your leg? Would you me any less?
I doubt there is much to do here anymore. HF has been dead forever. The final nail in the coffin was when Dave got on the ban wagon and got rid of all the interesting members.
BTW, where is SevenKid? I was hoping to see him make his grand entrance.
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