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Sell worldwide??
All look great and yeh I love the pink shoes too
Quote: Originally Posted by denim_addict OMG...T....I'm speechless!!! You have one amazing body....I would kill for a body like yours....your boobs, waist, bum and your legs......absolute perfection! Oh, I almost forgot about the jeans...lol...those look much better than the Satisfied Missions. One request....close up of the bum pics please There is nothing wrong with your body Back on topic - the jeans look great, very pretty. Yeh...
I like A&F! As far as I know they sell authentic stuff
I would say their stuff is fake - no way can you get R&R for $99
Happy Birthday
Quote: Originally Posted by Odie Our sales tax is included on all our price tags already but it is 15%. It used to be 17.5% but they dropped it in aid of the recession! Didn't help much. Yeh I've noticed the shops have now put the prices back up to what they were
Congratulations Julz. Post some pics of wedding dress pretty please
I've seen quite a few pairs recently on Ebay that have been a size 24. Ask for measurements if they dont say in listing as there was a batch that came up big, mine are a sz 24 and I am normally a 27!
I would say 90% of the R&R jeans on Ebay UK are fake
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