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I like #1 better. They are both cute though.
I also vote for easy rider.
That just makes me sick (the original post). I won't even watch the violent shows on tv, let alone take my 4 year old to a theater and scar their mind with the violence and blood. Makes me sad for their children...
I think they look good on you. I was about to give up on R&R when I picked up a pair of LA Crowns that I love, so keep on trying different styles or rises. I need something with a higher rise than the Roths.
We also did the Mandalay Bay wedding and I loved it. They made it so easy with the packages, etc. This October will be 5 years. We had a blast, just family and friends that could make it. Congratulations!
Oh bummer. I should have known! Thanks!
These look ok to me, but I think I need a second opinion.....TIA!! http://i8.ebayimg.com/04/i/07/46/71/cc_1.JPG http://i9.ebayimg.com/01/i/07/35/00/b3_1.JPG http://i14.ebayimg.com/05/i/07/3e/0f/cc_1.JPG I hope the links work.
Yes, mine came today!! They fit very well, but are a little on the short side....weird. My husband put me on a jean hiatus also. I just told him I would sell some to buy some more tee hee!!!
YAY!!! I am so excited about you getting them too!! Now I am a little worried about the sizing. I hope they aren't too big on me!!! I can do 25/26. And the Sammy Med. Premiums I have are a 25.
Sorry I picked those up (a late Mother's Day present ) I will let you know first if they don't fit! And I am also on the hunt for more crops. I can't buy another pair of full length.
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