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^ They look more like Crushed Edge
Quote: Originally Posted by darkknight ^hmmm... how would you describe worn? he had a close up pic where it looked fine. the stitching and everything is still intact. the only thing that makes it look worn is that the soles are dirty. The upper definitely looks ok. Not much creasing going on but they look a bit stretched out. The heel and ball of foot part of the soles look worn, like the original texture is gone...in only a month? I'm not...
sand, you have to click on Paul Smith Shoes, if you go to the Paul Smith section nothing will show up. The soles of those w+h look really worn. I've worn mine for over a year and they look better than those and I wouldn't quite say they're 8.5/10. But I've gotta say, that colourway is one of my favourites.
Pants for sure, looks like these from YOOX: DIOR HOMME Men - Pants - Casual pants DIOR HOMME on YOOX
I was at the Desert Hills Dior outlet recently and it definitely wasn't too exciting...but sounded better than your experience. For men's, there was quite a selection of shoes and accessories. I saw a few pair of jeans in random washes/sizes. Oh, and more than one rack of men's clothes
I believe those are DDG jeans...I think a member here has posted pictures before.
Actually, they are Bebel BC 87M
Quote: Originally Posted by rlee17 Anyone know of any companies that make similar but cheaper alternatives of these YSL high tops? white sole, and mostly black everywhere else. I don't want to spend $400+ on sneakers. Are there any alternatives in the 150 range? There will be a Common Projects x Evisu collab coming out this year with a low top and high top. Price is under $200 and has the contrast you're looking for.
Shumway, those look to be Cayre pants (women's cut meant to be worn cropped so it has a very short inseam).
Quote: Originally Posted by ashy These ones? Yeah, those ones.
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