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Nito, What is the ref number for Heavy Seas??
    I think it was a reference to this and this.  They are the same jeans (black clawmarks), one is just from last season and the other is from the current.
Nice, my orange PO is out being serviced... Really miss it. Have had mine on leather a while, really do not miss the weight of the steel bracelet.   I kind of wish I had not sent back my pair of Thanaz 8880K, lol.
Is that a Planet Ocean chrono on your wrist? :p
Safado 8YM 26x30 Measurements: Waist (aligned): 15" Waist (dipped): 14.5" Thigh (at crotch): 10" Inseam: 31"   Only worn once, still have tags!  
That is why they are on the way back to diesel :)
Thanaz 8880K (Very cheap feeling)  
Before they were worn it was not noticeable, but after they were on for a while it opened up a bit. I am not sure on other pairs, though.
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