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Im 99% sure they are real, but can anyone confirm, also what is their name and wash. I think they are MEN'S 'JOEY' GUNMETAL GRAY PAINTED POCKET - MIDNIGHT COWBOY MEDIUM
What are these??? They are labeled at Nordstrom.com as Zathan 8B2, but I already own that pair and they look way different.
There is a big difference you're completely missing here, When this site went down, the whole domain went down, off of DNS servers, when Yoox, Diesel or Revolve are being worked on, you can still get to a homepage, just not specific parts of the sites. My point is, the website looks shady and is not very well designed.
For reference these are the Zathan 8B2's I own
These jeans at nordstrom are labeled as Zathan 8B2, I have that pair, they look nothing like this... so whats the deal? http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/diesel-zathan-bootcut-jeans-8b2-wash/3061056  
And now the website is down. SO legit, /s/
Im curious too, I wear a 36 in some diesels, like the stretch ones, but I bought a pair of 36 zatiny 8J4 and they are super tight! should I go with 38, or even 40? Or should i just loose some weight.
Yea whoops typo, ill edit that, here are some pics of them in person.
Today I bought a pair of Zatiny 8J4, a bit tight, but I love the wash
Can someone ID these for me, they're Zatiny from Fall 2010, I bought them for $75 shipped from 6pm.com
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