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Not really a new purchase, but it is new...   So I recently bought a bunch of stuff and look what they threw in as a gift! It's a leather pocket organizer/wallet stamped with 35th anniversary on the inside. I have gotten random things (ie limited edition shopping bags, random discounts, etc) in the past, but never anything this nice. Has this ever happened to anyone else before?    *I apologize for the messy background...    
I tried these on a couple weeks ago in the NYC flagship store...they look horrible...literally like black leggings. They simply don't have any dimension, texture, etc. to keep them from looking bland. I tried on a size 30 when I normally wear a size 28 or 29 in other cuts and they fit well, 28 was too tight for my liking. Sadly they look nothing like the picture someone posted in the F/W '13 thread. 
Not really supposed to wear jeans at work, but I think these tepphar 800w are plain enough to get by...  
Anyone have these or shioner 886z? Do I need to size down? My local diesel store doesn't carry them so I can't try them on. 
I just got mine in the mail today and they are going back. Too shiny of a material. Also, they literally have no stretch to them despite having the elastane. 
Have these stretched out at all? I don't know if I should size down when I order a pair.
I washed a pair of my jeans recently and (obviously) the pre-pressing all disappeared. Does anyone have a technique for recreating the stacking? 
I just picked up a pair of shioner 885k yesterday from the diesel store...I have never seen/heard of them anywhere online...Are they new this season?
  Actually ur pics capture the true color of the pants I have, so I think they are pistachio. I saw the ones I wanted in the store and they are much darker.    Anyway. I think they will be going back...I don't have enough things to go with them...
So I did a charge send for thavar 801D in cream/azure and they accidentally sent me pistachio...   I'm kinda on the fence about whether I want to return or keep them. Sometimes I do like them because they are khaki colored, but at times, they look so 'yellow.' And for 209+tax...it's a bit expensive for some 'khaki's.' What do y'all think I should do??!?   BTW, I was using my ipad to take pictures and it clearly does not capture the color very well. It looks a lot...
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