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Guys what is the most popular exclusive cut and wash nowaday appreciate the help
Also which coat/parka should I choose to wear on the options above, sine the place I will go will be aroun -15celcius/5fahrenheit   Its my habit for a long time that incase i go to shop from one store I am quite inclide to do the whole shop in that one store: so which tommy coat should I go for?
I think I have found my mmost probable candidates : http://eu.tommy.com/Wow-the-crowd/shopbylook_DNM1113_01,default,pd.html 2nd one is: http://eu.tommy.com/Own-the-room/shopbylook_MSW1113_02,default,pd.html and the 3rd http://eu.tommy.com/Own-the-room/shopbylook_MSW1113_01,default,pd.html I will buy them on 31st's evening if i can find them =))) for which one should I go ? opinions? the first is absolutely what I look for - radical one time style change for...
 ohh god are you still here levislad how you doing? I remember you? There was some guy here who has been a rebel and started up hiw own forum what was his name... despite being such an dbag he had totally cool ideas on styles.. Can you remember him.. I mention about '09s cheers
unfortunately they dont have a shop around, but incase of I cant get out of my boundries I will surely depend on   http://www.boggi.it/     for new years eve I do want to get a crazy painter(Salvador dali =)) look just because i will take an international trip to a country in which there is nobody can know or judge me =)). I think i might need a breath taking heart stopping change on my outfit to wake up myself from a routine dream...   being said that here are some...
for a blazer: http://store.diesel.com/tr/jackets_cod41362206pu.html http://store.diesel.com/tr/jackets_cod41362154sd.html http://store.diesel.com/tr/jackets_cod41362132sq.html
I've lied that coat : http://store.diesel.com/tr/winter-jacket_cod41394679vl.html
some patterns I2d like to present to you in which I would go for a day long party =))           examples from the sartorialist
I've just taken a look to the thvar, despite the fact that I adored the wash, I would say my belly would look like a terazza on the edge of a cliff under a summersun... I guess I should go for something more relevant to vox populi? any other suggestion? maybe black gold?
greetings   its been a while since i came here. I've been quiet away of the fashion stuff due to working in a irrelevant job for that so far so long. My question is I am going to buy some coat/jacke, jeans, shoes etc.. ( full new years eve costume if it can be said =)). I really do appreciate you help in davnce.... what would you suggest for a guy 185 cm 96 kg quiet chubby on upper torso with flemingo legs at the bottom.... This being said, I must say that I cant even...
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