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Quote: Originally Posted by budilart Guys, For Backler 87j, Do i need to size down from my zathan waist size (;et say zathan 772) Thanks Nope, they run pretty snug. Yoox has these?
Quote: Originally Posted by fr4nkst3r its b.c you live in Lakeview.. that's a continuation of Boys Town.. lol do you not see the rainbow flags all over and stickers in the windows of store fronts/restaurants? i almost got a place near Wrigleyville off Cornelia and Sheffield which was literally about 1.5 blocks from Wrigley.. but if you walked about 3 blocks down the street.. it was Boystown. so i decided not to and got a place near Lincoln Avenue off Clark...
I just moved to Chicago this month. Lakeview east to be specific. Great area, but I have never seen so many gay men in my entire life. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) Little did I know I chose to live two blocks from the rainbow mecca of the midwest. There is a Universal Gear store right down the street from my place though--remember they had the last big batch of x-rotuck 796 a few years ago. Awesome shopping though, in general, but I'm still figuring...
Hahaha, great writing... I think people bid that much because they felt sorry for her. Reminds me of the good old days at Meijer. (I am one of 6 kids, the second oldest, you know the one who pushes the cart )
Hahaha I'm there with ya buddy. Yoox had onijo 71j last time I checked.
Watch the prices plummet.
Quote: Originally Posted by slimjim BTW, I don't think Shazor 71B's are that tight! I tried on a pair in 26/30 & they actually fit me... Though they were kinda painted on me IMO although the guy @ the store really liked it~ Maybe I should have gotten it & stretched em crazy~ Haha no such luck. 71b doesn't strech at all. Everytime I try on my shazor 71b I'm reminded of how big my thighs are
I like men's vogue, appeals to the older crowd, which I am part of
Christ, lay off the caffeine people.
backler special 86T 26x32 NEW DIESEL JEANS - BACKLER SPECIAL - 86T WASH - 26 x 32 - (eBay item 290151796137 end time Aug-25-07 10:56:58 PDT)
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