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I'm convinced he was drunk and/or on drugs pretty much all the time.
Sounds like the mods gave him repeated instructions... probably to stop making asinine threads.
I never had a problem with Mario personally but his threads were annoying as hell. Most of the time he sounded like he was on drugs, and when I could comprehend what he was saying I got cross-eyed trying to read it. Sure you can have some fun mangling the English language, using giant bold fonts and excessive dancing bananas, but not in 100 threads about NOTHING. That's disruptive, and it sounds like he got fair warning.
A long time ago I bought a pair of fakes from ebay. I did some googling and stumbled upon this site... brand new actually, Dave had just created it and was having a tough time finding authentic pairs on the internet to resell. I think he gave that up pretty quick as the success of the forum grew.
I'm still looking for a shazor 87z. Has anyone spotted it recently?
Well there's the 732 wash but that's much more subdued.
That looks nothing like Diesel. Looks like he just lost a paintball fight...
I like the shazor... zathan is pretty tight on me so it gives a looser option when I want to be more comfortable.
Quote: Originally Posted by mbrooks I've NEVER seen a Thanaz at Nordstrom either, or even a Slammer for that matter. I spotted a black thanaz at the rack the other day for a hundred bucks. I didn't try it on for obvious reasons The most important thing about fashion is dressing yourself to LOOK GOOD. You have to accept your own body type and dress accordingly. If you don't like it, change it. If you want to wear slammers and thanaz, you...
Quote: Originally Posted by nervous24 What is this Zavor? Diesel Men - Denim - Jeans Diesel on YOOX Thanks guys At first glance it looks like the zavor-j 8cd. But the red button stitching and the coin pocket are off. Hmm... they look really nice though.
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