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I agree they are perfect. And they will stretch an entire size if you wear them around for awhile.
Quote: Originally Posted by ken ben buy these!!! NEW DIESEL 2003 Zathan 772 36x32 100% Authentic BNWT - (eBay item 200152590743 end time Sep-18-07 20:30:38 PDT) Come on I'm disappointed... don't even remember your old moderator's size Ben's a 36x34 Those are a GREAT pair though....
EURO LAB (waits for Ben to chime in)
start weightlifting... you will appreciate the phenomenon known as squat-butt
Quote: Originally Posted by sludgecow ^yummy.... always loved that wash. especially the creases behind the knees. totally, its been on my to-get list forever but i've never found it in my size. i think it's a better alternative to the 710. better back pockets, slightly lighter denim.
Zathan t60 31x30 Diesel Zanthan 31 Hot! - (eBay item 180159058373 end time Sep-17-07 14:42:38 PDT)
They're all different. Some of mine are exactly 32" while some are 32-33.5. It really depends on 100 different things.
Dry cleaning was invented when someone spilled kerosene on their tablecloth and noticed it was cleaner. Perc, a petrolium-based solvent and the most common, is considered a carcinogen and handled as hazardous waste. Perchloroethylene — In use since the 1940s, perc is the most common solvent, the "standard" for cleaning performance, and most aggressive cleaner. It can cause color bleeding/loss, especially at higher temperatures, and may destroy special trims, buttons,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tsukasa You must wear multiple pairs of thanaz at once to wear all the jeans you have! Layers, my friend, layers
Very nice! What's the retail $$?
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