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Quote: Originally Posted by redmodel Mark Nason Men's Tremelo Shoe - Free Shipping I vote for these!
gotta lover internet translators
Quote: Originally Posted by Hilarys54 There is a Gap/BR/Old Navy outlet in Erlanger, Kentucky (near the Greater Cincinnati airport, about 15 minutes south of Cincinnati), that is a TRUE outlet. Pants are $8-15 and everything there is from one of the 3 stores, not the outlet. Shoes are $10-30. Tops are $3-5. They have different prices every day. Almost everything is damaged. Some of it has stains that can be washed out, and some have rips which can be...
George: Listen... there's something that's been on my mind and we haven't really talked about it. It's kind of important to me. Susan: What is it? George: Well... I put a lot of thought into this and I think I would like you to sign a prenuptial agreement. Susan: A pre-nup? George: Yeah. Susan: [bursts out laughing] George: What's so funny? Susan: You don't have any money.
kill it
Welcome back, nice to see you!
Nice! Never thought i'd like purple pants but i like these. They would look good with plain black shoes.
just picked up some yarik 87z from yoox. i was gonna hold out for shazor 87z, but they were cheap and I didn't want to risk never seeing 87z again as it's rare now. i need more straight legs anyway.
awesome fit!... I have a pair of zavor 88d, great details, nice and soft denim. They are a little loud, so you have to wear a plain top. The back pockets on the matic are waay better though.
Looking good! They are a lot like thanaz above the knee. SONY speakers? With such an expensive taste, you should demand better than that
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