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Part of what drives the sale of certain cut/wash combos is the hype that's created on the board. Someone posts awesome pictures of jeans you might never see normally and suddenly everyone wants them. A good example is when aipume posted comparison pics of the zathan 82N, lemmen 82M, and clerby 82L--three 2003 japanese denims that remain popular and sought-after to this day. Anyway if we had an open membership sales would probably be higher, because more people would get...
Quote: Originally Posted by missD Just tell her as a seller you set the price, and by bidding buyer agrees to the stated terms and prices. Exactly. That's all you need to tell her. If she disagrees with it she should have not bid or contacted you before she bid.
I'm a singer so I use these every once in awhile when my allergies stuff me up to the point of freaking out about my voice. Anyway they're not as bad as they look and really clear things out. Next topic: ear candle
I've seen both in person and the 8fc blows the 71s out of the water. Denim quality is far better on the 8fc. It actually reminds me of a less elastic 82L. 71s looks nice in pics but fails to impress in person.
they are as close as you can get to buying women's jeans without buying women's jeans... ...not that there's anything wrong with that
I like it. Their denim has never impressed me particularly but i like the tops and blazers. Also I'm wearing that denim/tuxedo outfit now seriously i'm probably the only guy in here that owns a tux
796, 772, 82n and 82m? Your bank account must be hurtin' bro!
It's not really about whether the guy was acting stupid or not--in my opinion was was being loud and getting emotional which didn't help. But the police grabbed him for no reason. I would be pissed if I was grabbed by 2 police officers without knowing why, wouldn't you? They used excessive force which is really the kicker--five officers can't hold down a college kid? Come on. If you watch the video the students are laughing and generally amused until they hear the...
AUTHENTIC Zathan 82N 34X34 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - (eBay item 160158142092 end time Sep-20-07 16:00:00 PDT) Zathan 82n BIN $80
I am 6'2" and weigh well over 200 pounds. My 32x32 zathan 82n fit looser than the pics you posted of your 30. Did you stretch them out fully yet? I'd look for a 31 if you want a looser fit. There is a used 34x32 on ebay for $80 right now if you want a super saggy look Finding any zathan 82n BNWT is a pipe dream. They are gone.
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