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Love my shazor 60b, ultimate beater pair, super comfy. And they look better with age. My wife has the lowky bc 60b and sometimes we wear them out together. Diesel nerds, lol No one can usually tell because mine are bluer and more washed out.
Gotta love that rainbow box. My cat made it her temporary bed last time I ordered. Feline seal of approval.
I think they look great. I can see how you think the rise is low though... some diesels you just can't be caught in any position except standing up! You'll get used to it. The inseam could use another inch or two, I bet you could wet stretch them and they'd be perfect. 71l is stretch right? Even better, they will be a tad looser overall in a few days.
Backler special is a solid bootcut with cool details. I debated between 86f and 87j and I'm glad I went with the 87j. 86f seemed a little boring. They are tighter in the thighs than all my zathans in the same size. I'm thinking of getting the backler 86t off yoox since it was supposed to look far better than the zathan 86t, according to Ben who compared them firsthand.
Choosing European designer stuff is hard if you work out a lot, until you find your size in different brands. The tops don't give me much room in the shoulders unfortunately... The good part is the sleeves are longer when you size up, and my arms are like a 35" length, plus you get a more fitted torso. Not the "trash bag" look American XLs give me. 6'2" 215 lbs XL tops, 44 suit 32x32 (I'm all torso, lol)
They're fine. 71b doesn't noticeably stretch, they are always tight as hell every time I wear them (few times a week).
Do you normally wear a 30 in zathan? If you do than stick with that.
RL makes some nice weathered looking polos that I've seen in custom fit. Not to mention they come in ever color imaginable on their website, and you can create your own which is kinda cool. I see no problem wearing them with diesels unless they don't fit you correctly. FTW the longer rear hem is to prevent them from coming untucked according to their website.
damn you I was gonna buy those Ah well, should have jumped on them when i saw em two days ago.
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